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The Last Necromancer (Chapter 1) (Digital)

The Last Necromancer (Chapter 1) (Digital)

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DIGITAL COPY. Buy buying this product you will get a digital copy of the book which will be available to download. You will not receive a copy in the post. If you want a physical copy please click here

Size; A5
Pages; 44
Bonus; postcard and sticker

Have you ever heard of a necromancer who is scared of the dead? Meet Isra, an exceptionally powerful necromancer, but also the only one left on earth. She has very little control of her magic and she’s incredibly terrified of the voices she hears in her head when she uses her magic. This only increases when she hears her own name in the buzz of the suffering voices. Who is this person? How do they know she can hear them? Why are they reaching out to her?
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