Original Manga, Comics and Illustration Books;

Pas de Deux (One shot) [October 2023]

Silent BL Manga
Circle template of the characters in pas de Deux
Image from J-Garden's circle template and an inner manga page.

The Last Necromancer [May 2023]

Images of the front cover and inside pages


Confessions of a Necromancer [June 2020 webcomic]

Elymas Magus [October 2022 Illustration Book]


Collaborative Zines;

Pizza! A C2E2 Collaborative Zine Project [April 2024]
Organiser, Cover Artist, Marketing Designer, Inner Page Artist

Breakfast Run! A Trigun ECCC Zine Project [February 2024]
Inner Page Artist


Bonded; A Sakuatsu Charity Zine Project [June 2024]
Inner Page Artist (Art to be revealed)


Fanzines and Fan Doujinshi;

Amore (Matchablossom) [October 2022]

Sun and Moon (Matchablossom) [February 2023]

 Digital Illustration and Vector Illustration Examples;

fan art of trigun stampedesk8 canary from AMOREsk8 fan art bunnies

genshin impact fan artgenshin impact fan art liyuegenesis impact fan art inazuma

kaoru fan artsk8 fan art

sk8 matchablossom fanartsk8 matchablossom fanart

BOTW fan art print

RPG bunny artadventurer bunny concept sticker design

the last necromancer Isra concept designsnk parody vector


Convention Product Examples;

Here is an example of products I have previously offered at conventions. My tables are generally split 50% original and 50% fan based art. This can be altered to 100% original works if need be according to the convention.

Dokomi 2023 (Germany) 
MCM London 2023 May (England)

VIECC table
VIECC, Vienna, 2023

Upcoming Comic Projects


Sinister [December 2023]

My entry into the Silent Manga Audition competition. The prompt is 'memorable smile'. I opted for a horror manga. Results to be announced by February 2024.

Nocte Somnia [2024]

An LGBTQ GL manga about a dream witch who's unlucky in love and a non magical girl who's PTSD has caused severe insomnia. [Soon to be released.] 

The Sun and The Moon [2024]

An LGBTQ BL manga. The sun and the moon were once the greatest lovers to ever live. A jealous god ripped them apart and cursed them to be apart. Only with the help of the fates and a new entity named Twilight can they be together once more... if only for a fleeting moment. [Soon to be released.]


Ohayou! [2024]

A zine about life in Japan and what it means to be a foreigner living in Tokyo. From daily life illustrations to mini comics, this project will offer lots in the way of my experience as a British expat living in Tokyo! [Soon to be released]