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#NoBetaWeDieLikeMen Sticker

#NoBetaWeDieLikeMen Sticker

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Are you a fanfiction writer? A fanfiction enjoyer? Maybe just a casual researcher of all things fandom? Whatever your fandom of choice, you know you are about to read an amazing piece of literature when it's tagged #nobetawedielikemen. So let's show off our fanfic adventures with this sticker. This one is perfect for your reading or writing device of choice. Your laptop, your phone or your e-reader! 


Durable adhesive vinyl - each sticker is 2.5 inches.

Vinyl stickers are a higher quality than paper ones, they are lightly waterproof and can be rubbed clean, they can not be washed in the dishwasher, washing machine or subjected to harsh weather.

These stickers are made to be used in planners and for indoor use. But accidents do happen! If you happen to spill some water on the stickers, they will not be ruined.

- All sticker illustrations are printed on high-quality matte vinyl.

- Shipped in compostable or recycled packaging.

- Please note; Colours may vary from your computer screen to the actual product.

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