Props, Pets, Backgrounds!

Props, Pets, Backgrounds!

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This is a listing for anything additional you want to add to your commission. Simple backgrounds include clouds, stars, gradients and floral patterns. Complex backgrounds include city scapes, skylines, full fields of flowers, full landscapes, complex world building. Props are for things like food, tables, magical sceptres etc. Things the character can interact with. 

I will draw most pets. My exceptions include spiders and snakes.

Commission Rules; 

  1. Price is for one character only
  2. I will only draw in my current style
  3. By commissioning me you agree to allowing me to complete it whilst recording or on stream. No photo references or sensitive information will be shown on stream, only the illustration and drawing processes. 
  4. By commissioning me you agree to allow me to post the finished product on my social media as examples. 
  5. Prices are for CHARACTERS only. Other add ons are available to purchase in another listing. 
  6. I will not draw heavy mecha, gore, NSFW, furries, violence or anything illegal. 
  7. All backgrounds will be a solid colour unless you pay for the background add on in a separate listing. 
  8. If you purchase the merchandise add on please note that these will take a while to arrive due to needing to order them together with my own merch. 
  9. References MUST be provided within 7 days otherwise I will cancel your commission. 
  10. Commissions are one of a kind drawings, they usually take time. If you do not inform me of a deadline on the day the reference is sent, I will not adhere to demands of a deadline. Commissions will usually be provided within two weeks. This can change at any time, please be aware that delays are possible. If you need your commission by a certain time, you MUST inform me. 
  11. ALL commissions are digital unless you purchase the physical print add on. 
  12. I have the right to refuse all commissions and refund at any time in the commission process before you receive your finished commission.  
  13. Commissions are for non commercial use only. They are purely for private enjoyment. You can post them to your own social media, so long as you are not a business. Redistribution or re-selling will need to purchase a commercial license from me. Please get in touch regarding commercial commissions.