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Pas De Deux Extended Graphic Novel (Pre-Order)

Pas De Deux Extended Graphic Novel (Pre-Order)

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Aki just transferred to a new ballet school and he's struggling ot keep up. After falling AGAIN, he is on the brink of giving up, after pushing himself harder than ever. That's when he sees Nao. A beautiful, graceful dancer who screams 'look at me' with every move he makes. Aki decides to ask for help. What he doesn't know is that Nao can't hear anything he's saying. 
  • A5 Size
  • Estimated 45 pages
  • Read from right to left
  • English


Please note; This is a pre-order. The book is not yet finished, but I estimate it to be around mid-2024. If you want to support my ventures with this graphic novel, please feel free to purchase it, but be aware, all products purchased with this item will be shipped AFTER the novel is printed. 

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